Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY: Apple Banner.

This is a fun DIY I did with my littles a few weeks ago it was super easy and fun. I chose to do it last minute so I'm sure you could easily do it with things you already have at home!
1. fabric- I would suggest canvas or burlap. I decided to do this right before I picked the kids up from school there is no fabric stores where they live so I ran to the thrift store and found these placemats, hehe.
2. paint (we picked apple colors but you can do whatever you'd like)
3. twine, yarn, or any other sting you'd like.
4. apples! (I let each of the kids pick the one they wanted)
Extras: knife, scissors,paint containers, stapler/or/needle
1. cut up your fabric into small rectangles. the number you will need will depend on how long you want your banner to be, we made a pretty large one.
2. cut your apple in half, this will be your "stamp".
3. put paint into containers and make sure to really glob it on the apple.
(ps it also helps you just blot the apple with a paper towel before hand to get rid of some of the moisture)
4. center the apple and stamp away. (the kids loved this part!)
5. You'll need some time to set them aside to dry, we just left them out in the sun for awhile.
6. I think I would normally take a needle and weave the twine through each piece of fabric, but since I did this project on the fly they did not have one at the house. They did have a stapler, so we used that it was a lot quicker and is holding up very well.
After that hang it up and enjoy for the season!
[You could easily adapt this and just use paper, I would suggest construction or cardstock because computer paper would warp.]

I have more happy DIY's coming for you, they are a good mix of kids crafts and regular people projects, haha.
xo j

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