Sunday, October 2, 2011

favorite things.

I have been feeling badly that my "Friday Five" has fallen through, but seeing that I can barely make time to blog surfing through Etsy for hours is most definitely not something I can fit in my schedule right now.
So I figured to share a new segment, it will sort of be bits and pieces of everything, things I'm loving, things I'm finding, things inspiring me.
pumpkin candy corns are my favoriteeee.
This print my boy made for me.
I cannot wait to make these apple muffins I saw on Lindsey's blog.
A Boston beauties new haircut.
rainy Saturday soup in a bowl my love made.
Beth posted pictures on her blog of Adam and Sarah's wedding that completely melted me.

a kitchen I wish I owned.
and a getaway relaxing weekend with greg.

Well friends these are a few of my favorite things this week. Hope you all had a most lovely weekend. I'll be around this week with more happy things to share with you.
xo j

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