Wednesday, October 19, 2011

favorite things.

some recent things that are inspiring me, re-inspiring me, or just currently loving.
afternoons with my littles
pie season
and more baking means more using all my pretty pyrex
this scarf has all my colors, I need it
where the wild things are (I watched it alone this afternoon)
and if you never saw the trailer just take a second to watch it, its beautiful.
these vinyls are on display at greg's school, I want them in my house.

seeing old dearly missed friends at school, even when its just blowing kisses through windows
this project inspired me immensely check it out to see all the beautiful things they made from paper!

I would love to actually own some of those things, especially the cassette tapes, I'm not sure why but I am super drawn to them.
I have some lovely things to share from my weekend when friends visited and some other things I have been working on, cant wait.
hope you have some favorite things keeping you smiling lately.
xo j

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