Tuesday, October 18, 2011

new doll pops.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the privledge of making some custom dollies for the lovely ladies of Lilsville.
We met at the summer hearts and crafts, their booth is one of my favorites, seriously SO cute.
I ran into them at a show we went to a few weeks ago, they said they were looking for my booth because they wanted to order dolls, blushhhh. I did not have a booth, but I got out a piece of paper and they scribbled down their orders. The tiny details they gave me and how they each explained their daughters made me SO excited to make them, I felt like I knew them!
We met up last a little over a week ago to make the trade, they loved them and I was seriously thrilled!

Arica also sat with me and talked about selling handmade, gave me lots of wonderful tips, ideas, and encouragement, she seriously does not understand how grateful I was for the conversation. I felt really lucky to be involved in a community of people who are more focused on supporting each other, and helping mentor others to reach new goals rather than competition or money.
I hope their daughters loved them as much as we all did:)
more later,

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  1. i cant stand how cute those are. you are truly an artist.