Monday, October 17, 2011

you grow up really crazy.

So we are still in process of renovating, but I just want to be blogging. So if you do not mind reading while my blog is a little messy, I will keep writing:)
This weekend was perfect, a wonderful blend of productivity, fun, and rest.
Saturday we made it a point to spend and entire day without going anywhere, no agenda, no time frames to balance, just a day to hideaway.
It was wonderful, though I couldn't sleep in because my blasted body clock is set for the crack of dawn, I had some coffee and cut out SO much fabric. And you know what's sad when you sit and drink your coffee and you cannot remember the last time you got to enjoy it in a mug instead of a to-go cup. That my friends means you are too busy.
After our most laziest day Saturday, we headed to the pumpkin patch Sunday with some lovely friends, crossing out yet another set of things from my fall-to-do list.
Sometimes in Rochester its sunny and raining at the same time, silly weather didn't stop us!
newlyweds first pumpkin picking, aw.
Obviously small pumpkins are basically lollipops.
the best doughnuts in the world which we stood in the parking lot to eat, hehe.
We ended up spending the whole rest of the day at Adam and Sarah's house chatting, nail painting, lego playing, movie watching and pizza eating, the perfect Sunday if you ask me.
I am on mid-semester break the next two days and really excited for everything I hope to get done. But of course I am starting it off right with a morning craft date with Miss Lisa Barker, and even her fabulous roommate Marisa Krol is joining us! yippie! (Marisa makes amazing metalwork jewelry, check her out!)
So I am off! with lots more to share later!
xo j

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  1. That picture of us at the top is one of my new favorites. Expect to see it hanging in my house soon.
    We had a great time with you and Gweggg. Lets make it happen more often. <3