Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If we were kids again, we'd hang out almost everyday.

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Bethany from Joy Wedding Photography do an engagement shoot with us.

Not only is her work stunning, but I feel like the shoot was totally true to Greg and I. The simplicity of it all was so perfect.
We even did a little stop motion video in which I am completely smitten with.
You can look at the whole session over on her blog, Peach Plumb Pear.
Beth and I got to spend some time together yesterday which is always one of my favorites things. I love her insight on life and her positive outlook on everything to come, she is just such a joy.

Also as a thank you for all she has done for us, I made her and her hubby in baby doll form.

hehe, I love that both these pictures were on their couch:)
So thankful to have wonderful people in my life like Beth.
more soon,
xo j

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You paint, I'll write.

I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving getaway ever. After such a wonderful time with my brother home I could barely handle the thought of him leaving. So instead of coping in the correct manner, Greg and I finished all our work early and headed to Jersey for a whole week. Basically I needed to runaway.
So here is our trip via instagram, enjoy.
after we got my brother on the plane, we packed the car and headed out.
Sunday was perfect filled with friends allll day, I sat and sewed in Lin's kitchen while she baked all day, it was perfect.

Monday Greg had to help his dad on a job, so I went and spent the day with Amy. MUCH NEEDED! I love her so.
Marrying into a Finnish family means sometimes you receive beautiful cards in which you cannot read a single word.
Getting some soup and waiting to meet the new love of my life...
THERE SHE IS! this beauty is my new love, totally functional. I will be sewing on this for manyyyy years to come.
thanksgiving! SO thankful to get to live this beautiful life.
The night of thanksgiving we went to see the Muppets!! It was FANTASTIC. I almost cried from sheer bliss, if you knew me you would know my Muppet love runs very deep.
My baby brother got engaged! to the most lovely lady! Finally sisters after all these years. This growing family fills me with so much joy!
Somedays were just lazy and that was perfect.
Somedays were filled with friends and those days were perfect too.

Our very last night we had a second Thanksgiving with our friends. Lin was amazing, she did such a lovely job. I made pumpkin cookies and just aided in emotional support the whole day.
Do you spy my fall garland? hehe:)

It was honestly perfect, the whole time shared with my second home. I miss everyone already, and cannot wait until the next time we are all together again. I promise to start some real posts again soon, one week left of school, then five weeks of restoring my life. I cannot wait to have time for people, sleep, and things I actually enjoy doing again. Hang in there with me.
xoxo j

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

he's home.

Sorry for my absence.
This happened over the weekend and I cannot express my happiness.
That's right my brother is home on leave.
Seeing him again was the most peace I have felt in quite sometime, I do not have the right words to truly articulate what this reunion brought for us all, just know it was many wonderful things. We only get one week with him then he is off his second to see that pretty southern belle of his, so I am taking advantage of every possible moment with him.
from my very thankful, joyful heart,
xo j

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lights will guide you home.

A few weeks ago our friends Adam and Hannah got married.

(photos by jonathan capuano)
It was the perfect fall wedding, I decided to bring along my fisheye for a change. I got picked on the whole time for it, and I loved every second of that. I have to be honest I probably will never bring just my fisheye again because even though I got some pictures I really love there are some that didn't come out because of flash and I was super sad. But thats the downside to film I guess.

We danced the night away, and I mean DANCEDDDD. It was wonderful to have everyone together and of course to see more dear friends fall in love.

and of course we're always gleeking out. I cannot wait to dedicate a blog just to these pictures, I have SO many.
Such a fun day. I'll be honest I have had a large amount of amazing days in the last few weeks and this past weekend was no exception. SO much to share SO little time.
I'm officially starting my wedding book this weekend, I cant wait to show you what's inside my brain.
Also, I bought an iphone that came in the mail a week ago tomorrow and I have *yet* to even open it. I am hoping to get brave and do it, I am just so bad with change, ek!
more soon, xo j

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY: Fall Garland

So as I've mentioned I have so much back blog to catch up, if you remember I mentioned I had a super awesome craft date with my two of my favorites a few weeks ago and I did this DIY while I was there. This is THE EASIEST garland you could ever make and it looks super festive and lovely hanging in your home. Also it is very low on mess so the kids could easily help out.
You only need three things to make this pretty garland.
1. scissors
2. scrap fabric- you do not need to buy "seasonal" or "holiday specific" fabric, its the way you put the colors together that will make it look a certain way.
3. twine, yarn, string, anything that can hold a little weight once its hung.

1. first you will need to cut up your fabric, the length is really up to your discretion, I like mine a little longer. I will warn you, if you think you have enough, just keep cutting, it takes a good amount of fabric to even fill a smaller garland.

2. knot your fabric strips to your twine or yarn, if you feel the pieces are too long feel free to double knot them.

3. hang and enjoy! Yes, its that simple and your home will be warm and inviting for the holiday season.

I have more DIYs that I will be posting, and my head is BUZZING with wedding DIYs to share with you also. This is going to be a super fun season, I can already tell.
more soon,
xo j

ps Lindsey Finelli I hope you like this because when I made it I automatically thought it should be hanging in your apartment. I have no where to put it so I'm mailing it to you. xo

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

falling slowing.

OK so I'm back.
Sorry to leave you for that mini break, I was just walking on clouds and could not concesntrate on anything. I couldn't leave the clouds completely so I just keep one in my pocket now, hopefully allowing me to function in everyday life.
I have so many back posts to get up here, so I should be busy.
But this weekend Greg and I got to spend an entire day with our two favorite littles and together we knocked another thing off fall-to-do list.
Playing in a leaf pile, yippie!!
We usually go on a leaf collecting date because I press my favorites every year to use for crafts, it was supposed to be on his birthday but ya know he had to go and propose and everything;)
So the kids also helped me with my collecting.
We were with the kids for about 9 hours. It was honestly magical. Greg played soccer while I made lunch, we carved pumpkins, played in the leaves and took them to a community fall festival. We love them so much.
With everything that's going on I am falling more and more in love with the season. It will be over in the blink of an eye so I am trying to truly treasure each day of it.
xoxo j