Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY: Fall Garland

So as I've mentioned I have so much back blog to catch up, if you remember I mentioned I had a super awesome craft date with my two of my favorites a few weeks ago and I did this DIY while I was there. This is THE EASIEST garland you could ever make and it looks super festive and lovely hanging in your home. Also it is very low on mess so the kids could easily help out.
You only need three things to make this pretty garland.
1. scissors
2. scrap fabric- you do not need to buy "seasonal" or "holiday specific" fabric, its the way you put the colors together that will make it look a certain way.
3. twine, yarn, string, anything that can hold a little weight once its hung.

1. first you will need to cut up your fabric, the length is really up to your discretion, I like mine a little longer. I will warn you, if you think you have enough, just keep cutting, it takes a good amount of fabric to even fill a smaller garland.

2. knot your fabric strips to your twine or yarn, if you feel the pieces are too long feel free to double knot them.

3. hang and enjoy! Yes, its that simple and your home will be warm and inviting for the holiday season.

I have more DIYs that I will be posting, and my head is BUZZING with wedding DIYs to share with you also. This is going to be a super fun season, I can already tell.
more soon,
xo j

ps Lindsey Finelli I hope you like this because when I made it I automatically thought it should be hanging in your apartment. I have no where to put it so I'm mailing it to you. xo

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  1. i adore this. this made me miss you a lot.