Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If we were kids again, we'd hang out almost everyday.

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Bethany from Joy Wedding Photography do an engagement shoot with us.

Not only is her work stunning, but I feel like the shoot was totally true to Greg and I. The simplicity of it all was so perfect.
We even did a little stop motion video in which I am completely smitten with.
You can look at the whole session over on her blog, Peach Plumb Pear.
Beth and I got to spend some time together yesterday which is always one of my favorites things. I love her insight on life and her positive outlook on everything to come, she is just such a joy.

Also as a thank you for all she has done for us, I made her and her hubby in baby doll form.

hehe, I love that both these pictures were on their couch:)
So thankful to have wonderful people in my life like Beth.
more soon,
xo j


  1. Jess! Your engagement photos are SO sweet. I love the stop action, too. Ugh. Smitten.

  2. pictures are beautiful.
    video is so so sweet.
    you two are great!