Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lights will guide you home.

A few weeks ago our friends Adam and Hannah got married.

(photos by jonathan capuano)
It was the perfect fall wedding, I decided to bring along my fisheye for a change. I got picked on the whole time for it, and I loved every second of that. I have to be honest I probably will never bring just my fisheye again because even though I got some pictures I really love there are some that didn't come out because of flash and I was super sad. But thats the downside to film I guess.

We danced the night away, and I mean DANCEDDDD. It was wonderful to have everyone together and of course to see more dear friends fall in love.

and of course we're always gleeking out. I cannot wait to dedicate a blog just to these pictures, I have SO many.
Such a fun day. I'll be honest I have had a large amount of amazing days in the last few weeks and this past weekend was no exception. SO much to share SO little time.
I'm officially starting my wedding book this weekend, I cant wait to show you what's inside my brain.
Also, I bought an iphone that came in the mail a week ago tomorrow and I have *yet* to even open it. I am hoping to get brave and do it, I am just so bad with change, ek!
more soon, xo j

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  1. such much love for the fish eye.
    and for you. and for such a great day.
    ps. sorry i was obnoxious and stuck my face in the background of that one photo. oops. <3