Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You paint, I'll write.

I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving getaway ever. After such a wonderful time with my brother home I could barely handle the thought of him leaving. So instead of coping in the correct manner, Greg and I finished all our work early and headed to Jersey for a whole week. Basically I needed to runaway.
So here is our trip via instagram, enjoy.
after we got my brother on the plane, we packed the car and headed out.
Sunday was perfect filled with friends allll day, I sat and sewed in Lin's kitchen while she baked all day, it was perfect.

Monday Greg had to help his dad on a job, so I went and spent the day with Amy. MUCH NEEDED! I love her so.
Marrying into a Finnish family means sometimes you receive beautiful cards in which you cannot read a single word.
Getting some soup and waiting to meet the new love of my life...
THERE SHE IS! this beauty is my new love, totally functional. I will be sewing on this for manyyyy years to come.
thanksgiving! SO thankful to get to live this beautiful life.
The night of thanksgiving we went to see the Muppets!! It was FANTASTIC. I almost cried from sheer bliss, if you knew me you would know my Muppet love runs very deep.
My baby brother got engaged! to the most lovely lady! Finally sisters after all these years. This growing family fills me with so much joy!
Somedays were just lazy and that was perfect.
Somedays were filled with friends and those days were perfect too.

Our very last night we had a second Thanksgiving with our friends. Lin was amazing, she did such a lovely job. I made pumpkin cookies and just aided in emotional support the whole day.
Do you spy my fall garland? hehe:)

It was honestly perfect, the whole time shared with my second home. I miss everyone already, and cannot wait until the next time we are all together again. I promise to start some real posts again soon, one week left of school, then five weeks of restoring my life. I cannot wait to have time for people, sleep, and things I actually enjoy doing again. Hang in there with me.
xoxo j

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  1. i should be following you on instagram!
    also... i think i need to make some of that fall garland, except christmas style. it's so adorable.