Friday, December 9, 2011

Dance your cares away, worries for another day.

I found the best treasure the other day..
Yes. A Fraggle Rock vinyl.
Now you may think this is the silliest thing ever, or you may be thinking I do not even know what that is, and well I am here to enlighten you.
Fraggle Rock was a kids tv program in the 80s and it was my very favorite show.
Now when I say favorite, I mean my dad still sends me something fraggle related every year. Over time his has sent me every season on dvd, the christmas special, every character in stuffed animal form, and even a a Fraggle Rock snuggie (yes, I'm serious).
I am a huge Muppet fan in general, I think Jim Henson was a brilliant man with a beautiful heart.
(this version is shortened, but I just wanted you to see!)
This album is one of those things I cannot wait to share with my kids, I was just so happy to find it and add it to my collection.
Now that I have totally geeked out, I am going to go get some work done.
Hearts and Crafts in two days, and I have another holiday DIY all ready to share with you!
Happy First Snow Fall!
xo j

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