Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY: Advent Calendar

The holidays are here and I have been working on some fun little projects to help you have a handmade holiday:)
First things first we have to start counting down so here is a holiday calendar that the whole family will enjoy and would look lovely anywhere in your home.
First off you'll have to gather up your supplies
1. brown paper bags 2. clothespins 3. date stamp
4. ink pad 5. glue sticks 6. your favorite candies
7. paper dollies 8. twine 9. ribbon
10. hot glue gun

1. with your glue stick, glue all your paper dollies to the front of your brown paper bags.

2. take your date stamp and stamp each date from now until christmas.

3. make cute little bows for all your bags.

4. hot glue each bow right above your paper dollie.

5. (a) fill bag with your sweet treats for the family.

5. (b) fold all your bags over.

6. Choose a place in your home to hang twine (clothesline style), hang bags with clothespins. Enjoy your little treat everyday as you countdown to christmas!!
More handmade holiday fun to come!
xo j

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