Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY: Glitter Flats

Good morning everyone!It's sunny here which means I'm feeling extra productive and inspired. I love feeling the warmth of the sun through my window and I drink my coffee and prep for all I have to do today.
But before I start my work, I am here to share another promised DIY to help you have a handmade holiday. It is the season for holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and wintery outings and we all to look our best while looking festive.
These shoes are sure to make you feel extra fancy this holiday without breaking the bank.
-an old pair of flats (the plainer the better)
-glitter (any color glitter you like, you'll need a good sum of it)
-mod podge (I already had this, but they even have a sparkle kind you can get)
-hot glue gun
-clear spray glaze (not pictured but after I made them I used some to make sure the glitter really held tight to the shoe)
1. This will vary by the shoe being used but I cut off the existing bows very carefully. If you end up using a shoe that has something such as a buckle you may want to take this time tape off anything you do not want glitter on.
2. Start painting on the mod podge. Be sure to use a real good helping of it.
3. You're going to start covering the shoe with glitter. Mine has a shaker option which really helps, but if yours doesnt be careful when you're pouring it out. You may also want to put something under the shoe to catch the glitter.
4. After you finish both shoes they are going to need to sit and dry for awhile. The longer the better, don't rush it.
5. make your bows. I used wider ribbon and made bigger bows because thats what I like but you can really make yours however you like.
6. Use your hot glue gun to adhere the bows to the front of your shoes.
7. ENJOY!!! (make sure you also spray with a coat or two of clear glaze just to keep everything in place)
I love them so much I cannot help but smile when they are on my feet!

Hope today is wonderful!
xo j

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  1. or you could not spray them with glaze and leave a trail of gold everywhere you walk...
    so cute.
    i made some christmas fabric garland inspired by your fall fabric garland. keep the good ideas coming!