Monday, December 12, 2011

handmade holiday.

Yesterday was was another wonderful Hearts and Crafts event. Everything was decorated extra wonderful for the holidays and lots of happy people came out to support handmade.

Greg and I have fallen in love with doing shows. Not only because we seem to have prep, set up, and even stress under control, but because we feel incredibly blessed to be apart of such a wonderful community of people.
Some of my babies were still hanging out over at Thread, so I asked miss eichas to bring them over for me. She made sure they were super safe:)
[my sarah lovie]
[my bestie came to sit at my booth with me]
[one of Greggie's newest animals! I could barely stand how cute it was so he let me keep him]
It was a really great day for everyone. Also it was of my favorite combo of vendors, I felt like there was so much variety and I loved looking at everyones pretty things.
Hope all of your holiday shopping is going well.
Be back soon with another DIY!
xo j


  1. I love how your babies have evolved! Anika still has her's around. :)

  2. that's where i first bought some bows from you!