Friday, December 2, 2011

It really ain't that bad.

Just writing that sentence makes me feel super liberated.
And if that isn't enough in itself to think about I also:
-have Hearts and Crafts holiday market this Sunday
-should be planning a wedding
-finishing christmas orders
-personal christmas gifts
-and I'm sure other things I cannot even currently process
In an effort to not completely lose my mind, I am trying to take breaks and see some people I love. (they always get my mind off being a crazy person)

visited my bestie Maria on her lunch break.
First Friday at Joe Bean with some lovely ladies.
Saturdate with my love.
And getting out the christmas albums. (and some audrey)
So here's to another crazy week ahead. I have have some super simple christmas DIY's to share with you. I also had the realization that I get to decorate my Hearts and Crafts table all holiday this time, CANT WAIT!
hope you had a lovely weekend, and are having a much less chaotic life.
xo j

ps did you notice the new banner my boy made me today?! ekks! love it!

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