Monday, January 30, 2012

I think I'll go to Boston.

If you "follow" me on any other social media you probably know that over the weekend I ran away. Pretty legitimately too, I was sort of proud.
I am the kind of girl who likes lots of organziation and lots of lists. If I am going on a trip I make lists of what I bringing, lists of food to buy or prep, and lists of what I have packed for each day. I am slightly crazy, its okay if you're thinking it.
But last week was one of "those weeks", when no matter how hard you are trying to stay positive, or surround yourself with encouraging people, or stand back up, something or someone is there to push you back down. I reached a breaking point and no longer felt like I could breathe.
So Friday morning, with no lists, and no preparation we packed a car and left to see our Boston family.
I need it. I needed to be reminded of community, that there are people routing for you. People that would give up their own comfort to have you stay and make you breakfast:)
I needed to be reminded of family, and not necessarily by blood. A family that can set everything aside, stress, deadlines, arguments, just to be together.
I needed to be reminded of how perfectly imperfect life is, how no matter how hard you plan and no matter how much you organize, sometimes you just have to let go and have it happen as it may.
I'm not sure if I have been able to be this clear minded in quite some time.

I am now going to overwhelm you with pictures because I cannot decide between them, our time together was far too enchanting.
one of my favorite parts of the weekend was all the meals being prepared all together.
Girls day out to find B the dress of her dreams. Yes, my best friend and I are getting married in the same calendar year, and yes we are in each others weddings.
delish lunch!
oh we met a bear, I mean dog.

Saturday night bowling with everyone!!
On sunday I went to a church that I would literally move for. I have not felt that in many many years. After we got some coffee and walked on the beach, I had no idea how much I missed the northeastern water or how much peace it would bring me.
they sort of have a bromance.
greg and I collected sea glass along the ocean because its our favorite.

Our last little visit was an awesome place in Salem for lunch.
family. haha
Lin, Greg took this picture for Mike, please be sure to show him:)
You have no idea how grateful I am for these girls. My sisters, for oh so many years.
If you want to see the boys adventure while we were having girl time head over to pal Danny's website Ebersole Photography, he is a genius with a 35mm.
I am so refreshed, and ready to move forward.
xoxo j

ps. I just wanted to give a *big* thank you to Mama Wilkins without which this weekend would not have been possible. You are the best!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear friends, you win.

[EKKK! I feel like my friends are going to be so proud..]
On several occasions, friends of mine have felt led to have interventions with me concerning my work, prices, my self worth (ha!), promoting myself, ect. ect.
If you know Greg and I personally you would know we are the worst self promoters.
If a child even touches something on our table at a show we are heartbeats away from just giving it to them. We just are happy we make things and want to make sure they find homes with people who will love our creations. People often ask if we have a website, Etsy, or even a card and the answer is always no (with a very large smile). Usually Miss Lisa Barker is shaking her head at us from her table and I have gotten quite used to this exchange of events.
But sometimes you have to grow and commit fully to your work. I am learning it doesn't mean you are conceited, rather, you just take great pride in what you do, you value you work and yourself and therefore you share it.
I got a package in the mail today, our first step in putting ourselves out there...
That is right, real business cards.
I am so happy to have them and they look just lovely (thanks to my Tree:)
I am getting braver in 2012, I tell ya. And I wont lie I am preeettty excited about it.
xoxo j

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

its the little things pt.2

This week I was lucky enough to have a craft date with Miss Lisa Barker.
I was having a rather rough morning so I was more than in need of our time together.
I was at a loss for words when I rounded the corner and saw this:
I honestly could have wept when I saw them, just sitting there so sweetly.
Two little roommates I have reincarnated in smaller plush form.
Its the little things that sometimes make all the muck wash away.
hope you have a wonderful morning.
xo j

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thread at Home.

On Saturday, Greg and I were thankful to be invited to a special party at Thread.

They have been working on a really awesome project and invited some of us down for the unveiling...
That's right. Thread has now come out with a catalog.
What does this mean?
Well it means you can order unique, quality, handmade goods, right from your very own home.
And don't be greedy! You can also have Thread parties!
Ya know, like our mamas used to have with tupperware.

The photos are truly stunning. It is amazing to hold something in your hand like that. You can feel all the love, support, and teamwork it contains.
It was a wonderful night of chatting and sharing and being proud of so many people I think so highly of. And it always makes my heart happy to see some of the people I love be do not see quite enough of.

It was a fabulous evening and I am ever so grateful to be apart of such an inspiring community of people.
support handmade, buy local,
xo j

Saturday, January 14, 2012

so I'm retuning to my gladness.

Good Morning!
We are headed off to one of our favorite littles birthday party this snowy Saturday morning but I thought I would stop and share something quick.
My lovely friend Bethany is currently doing a series on her blog called "I love you so", which is a collection photos of some of her dearest friends.
She asked to take my picture yesterday which I of course agreed to even though I get semi awkward when she does. She is always very good at picking me during a shoot and making me laugh about it.
I really love these though, because they truly feel like me.
You can view the whole post on her blog Peach Plumb Pear. My honest favorite part is the list of things she knows/loves about each of her friends. I learn something about each person in her life and for mine it just feels good to be reminded I have people that know me so well.
You can view all the other parts to her newest series here:

Beth also helped me with a DIY for the blog yesterday which we both had a good laugh about. I'll explain more when I share it with you:)
Off to eat some cake with teddy bears,
xo j

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"The outdoors is really big"

I feel like I am making big wedding strides this week! This of course is due to friends who certainly aren't scared to push me or hold me accountable to my goals.

Yesterday was probably the best/worst wedding day ever. I went to try on a few more dresses and had the absolute worst experience. And with me almost in tears and blotchy from anxiety my girlfriends said its time to go.
We went to Liz's parents house which is probably one of my favorite places to rest and recollect myself.
We walked in to cups and saucers all set up, and little feet scurrying around the kitchen to get things all ready for us. Tea and coffee were being made, and mama greeted us with big (much needed) hugs.
I seriously need this creamer. It is so sweet.
When I saw everything all set up, the sun beaming in from their sliding glass doors, and the kids looking ridiculously cute (as usual) I was SO angry I did not have my camera.
On the good side of the day, yesterday was the first day I ever sat down with anyone and talked about my weddding outloud. Crazy right? I have been engaged four months now and this was just long overdue. We made lost of lists. We talked about what can get done now. We talked about who is doing what. And lastly, I got some wisdom and hard love from Mama Babiuk.
She always has good things to say.

Liz's little sister Laura painted this picture. It was hanging on the refrigerator and I could have melted when I saw it. I felt myself smile and breathe. This picture alone is the absolute reason I love kids so much more than big people, they just get it.

Here's to feeling more confident,
xo j

Monday, January 9, 2012

I never said I was brave.

I did it.
Today I went to try on a real wedding dress.
Now I understand for most girls this is the most exciting part, this is the first thing they want to do once that ring is on their finger. But not me.
I have planned lots of parties, showers and weddings for people. It is something I love to do, using creativity to make a magical occasion for someone, I thrive on that. And thats how I have been feeling, like I am planning a big party, for someone else. I been dreading the moment I have to put on the perfect white piece of fabric because in that moment it will be real, I. will. be. a. bride.
If you have caught any undertones in my blogging or know me personally you may know my wedding planning has been going pretty terribly. (hence no.2 on my new years list) Having an eclectic handmade wedding with not much support isn't very easy. SO the very last thing I have wanted to try on this creamy white blob to remind me how hard it has been.
But in a split second of weakness this morning I looked at my maid of honor and said what if I tried on a dress today? Her eyes lit up so fast, and immediately went to the phone. We called 3 or 4 places I wanted to go which all had no appointments, so I gave up. She was determined and said we should just go to Davids Bridal just to try and figure out which shape I like if nothing else. For some reason I agreed and off we went.
It was a productive day and if it counts for anything I conquered a fear (or came to a realization, I'm not quite sure which) I, Jessica am getting married this year and I better get used to it.
sweet dreams from the bride,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I took off my shoes and walked into the woods.

Well we're home from our adventure!
The time change is killing us but we so loved our trip and time with my family.
My brain isn't quite ready to process blogging but I have a sweet little treat for you this morning.
A friend, Mary Frances, made this super adorable video of her walking through all the places she visited in 2011. I thought is was too wonderful not to share, it automatically makes me want to jump back on a plane and keep traveling.
Love it! Mary is a photographer in California and does beautifulll work. Please check out her blog, floatawaystudios, you will not be disappointed.
Today I am going to be settling back into my life and making so many lists for everything I need to get done.
xo j

Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's make believe we are wealthy for just this once.

I have spent a long time deciding what my resolutions would be this year. Things to focus on, ways to grow, things for enjoyment. This is going to be a huge year for me, and I want to appreciate it and learn from it. Yay, 2012!

1. Learn to play the guitar, for real- I say for real because I can play some chords, or little songs, but I have never taken formal lessons. Went I used to take cello lessons, I just remember it was so calming. I would have to completely turn off my brain for that hour, and really stretch myself to learn something. To be bad at something and watch myself grow. I miss that feeling.

2. Actually enjoy planning this wedding- I have had nothing but set backs since we started wedding planning, and I have wanted nothing more than to give up. So I am going into this new year with a re-opened mind and ready to try and stay positive and enjoy these coming months.

3. Teach Greg to sew- My love has been asking me to teach him to sew for over a year now. He wants to make silly things for himself but also wants to help me so we can really be a team. Before shows and batch orders he feels so helpless that he cannot do anything so we're hoping to change that, and there's really no excuse seeing I have three machines.

4. Save a little each month/Learn to budget- I have budgeted in my own way for years now and I have usually gotten by fine. But we are getting married this year, we have a lot more expenses to think about, lots more responsibilities and I want to be smart. Also, I am sure there will be the times we are scrapping but I want to commit to putting something away, even if it is only 5 dollars. This way (hopefully) all our big dreams will eventually come true.

5. Enjoy the little moments- This is for sure going to be a year of change. I want to enjoy every little piece of this year. I want to take nothing for granted, hold tight to every beautiful thing we do or see this year.

6. Blog DIY wedding edition- I really want to do this! I want to help any other DIY brides out there by sharing some of my secrets or helping make their day a little easier. I cannot wait to get this started, my journal is overflowing with ideas.

7. Etsy!- my Etsy needs to get back up and running. I have been saying this forever now, but really someone hold me accountable to it.

8. Remind people I love them often- I will be honest, I am surrounded my the most supportive, amazing group of humans. I consider myself terribly lucky, yet I feel that I do not always let them know how truly wonderful they are. I plan to do that this year.

9. Minimize stuff- I'm working on prepping to move into a new life. Which means everything I have owned or collected in the last twenty-three years needs to be sorted and ready to be combined with another persons life stuff. It should be interesting for sure!

10. Don't drive Greg crazy- You may laugh, but seriously. With wedding planning, business building, and getting ready for a future life. It is easiest to take stress, concern, panic, or any other range of emotion out on the one I love most. He is my best friend, and I want to enjoy this year together, instead of driving him nuts.

So there you have it. Please feel free to remind me of this list in mid-july if I seem to be losing sight of anything. :)
What are you working on this year? I highly suggest writing down any goals you may have, something about seeing it in print makes you feel more committed to it.
xo j