Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear friends, you win.

[EKKK! I feel like my friends are going to be so proud..]
On several occasions, friends of mine have felt led to have interventions with me concerning my work, prices, my self worth (ha!), promoting myself, ect. ect.
If you know Greg and I personally you would know we are the worst self promoters.
If a child even touches something on our table at a show we are heartbeats away from just giving it to them. We just are happy we make things and want to make sure they find homes with people who will love our creations. People often ask if we have a website, Etsy, or even a card and the answer is always no (with a very large smile). Usually Miss Lisa Barker is shaking her head at us from her table and I have gotten quite used to this exchange of events.
But sometimes you have to grow and commit fully to your work. I am learning it doesn't mean you are conceited, rather, you just take great pride in what you do, you value you work and yourself and therefore you share it.
I got a package in the mail today, our first step in putting ourselves out there...
That is right, real business cards.
I am so happy to have them and they look just lovely (thanks to my Tree:)
I am getting braver in 2012, I tell ya. And I wont lie I am preeettty excited about it.
xoxo j


  1. Oh my goodness they're so cute!!!

    Did you happen to get my email about the dolls? :)