Monday, January 9, 2012

I never said I was brave.

I did it.
Today I went to try on a real wedding dress.
Now I understand for most girls this is the most exciting part, this is the first thing they want to do once that ring is on their finger. But not me.
I have planned lots of parties, showers and weddings for people. It is something I love to do, using creativity to make a magical occasion for someone, I thrive on that. And thats how I have been feeling, like I am planning a big party, for someone else. I been dreading the moment I have to put on the perfect white piece of fabric because in that moment it will be real, I. will. be. a. bride.
If you have caught any undertones in my blogging or know me personally you may know my wedding planning has been going pretty terribly. (hence no.2 on my new years list) Having an eclectic handmade wedding with not much support isn't very easy. SO the very last thing I have wanted to try on this creamy white blob to remind me how hard it has been.
But in a split second of weakness this morning I looked at my maid of honor and said what if I tried on a dress today? Her eyes lit up so fast, and immediately went to the phone. We called 3 or 4 places I wanted to go which all had no appointments, so I gave up. She was determined and said we should just go to Davids Bridal just to try and figure out which shape I like if nothing else. For some reason I agreed and off we went.
It was a productive day and if it counts for anything I conquered a fear (or came to a realization, I'm not quite sure which) I, Jessica am getting married this year and I better get used to it.
sweet dreams from the bride,

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  1. Jess, I know things haven't been going smoothly with the handmade wedding, but I will tell you, as I told you before, I will help you do any, all or whatever you need/want for the wedding of your dreams. Because you both deserve a magical day.