Monday, January 30, 2012

I think I'll go to Boston.

If you "follow" me on any other social media you probably know that over the weekend I ran away. Pretty legitimately too, I was sort of proud.
I am the kind of girl who likes lots of organziation and lots of lists. If I am going on a trip I make lists of what I bringing, lists of food to buy or prep, and lists of what I have packed for each day. I am slightly crazy, its okay if you're thinking it.
But last week was one of "those weeks", when no matter how hard you are trying to stay positive, or surround yourself with encouraging people, or stand back up, something or someone is there to push you back down. I reached a breaking point and no longer felt like I could breathe.
So Friday morning, with no lists, and no preparation we packed a car and left to see our Boston family.
I need it. I needed to be reminded of community, that there are people routing for you. People that would give up their own comfort to have you stay and make you breakfast:)
I needed to be reminded of family, and not necessarily by blood. A family that can set everything aside, stress, deadlines, arguments, just to be together.
I needed to be reminded of how perfectly imperfect life is, how no matter how hard you plan and no matter how much you organize, sometimes you just have to let go and have it happen as it may.
I'm not sure if I have been able to be this clear minded in quite some time.

I am now going to overwhelm you with pictures because I cannot decide between them, our time together was far too enchanting.
one of my favorite parts of the weekend was all the meals being prepared all together.
Girls day out to find B the dress of her dreams. Yes, my best friend and I are getting married in the same calendar year, and yes we are in each others weddings.
delish lunch!
oh we met a bear, I mean dog.

Saturday night bowling with everyone!!
On sunday I went to a church that I would literally move for. I have not felt that in many many years. After we got some coffee and walked on the beach, I had no idea how much I missed the northeastern water or how much peace it would bring me.
they sort of have a bromance.
greg and I collected sea glass along the ocean because its our favorite.

Our last little visit was an awesome place in Salem for lunch.
family. haha
Lin, Greg took this picture for Mike, please be sure to show him:)
You have no idea how grateful I am for these girls. My sisters, for oh so many years.
If you want to see the boys adventure while we were having girl time head over to pal Danny's website Ebersole Photography, he is a genius with a 35mm.
I am so refreshed, and ready to move forward.
xoxo j

ps. I just wanted to give a *big* thank you to Mama Wilkins without which this weekend would not have been possible. You are the best!

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