Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's make believe we are wealthy for just this once.

I have spent a long time deciding what my resolutions would be this year. Things to focus on, ways to grow, things for enjoyment. This is going to be a huge year for me, and I want to appreciate it and learn from it. Yay, 2012!

1. Learn to play the guitar, for real- I say for real because I can play some chords, or little songs, but I have never taken formal lessons. Went I used to take cello lessons, I just remember it was so calming. I would have to completely turn off my brain for that hour, and really stretch myself to learn something. To be bad at something and watch myself grow. I miss that feeling.

2. Actually enjoy planning this wedding- I have had nothing but set backs since we started wedding planning, and I have wanted nothing more than to give up. So I am going into this new year with a re-opened mind and ready to try and stay positive and enjoy these coming months.

3. Teach Greg to sew- My love has been asking me to teach him to sew for over a year now. He wants to make silly things for himself but also wants to help me so we can really be a team. Before shows and batch orders he feels so helpless that he cannot do anything so we're hoping to change that, and there's really no excuse seeing I have three machines.

4. Save a little each month/Learn to budget- I have budgeted in my own way for years now and I have usually gotten by fine. But we are getting married this year, we have a lot more expenses to think about, lots more responsibilities and I want to be smart. Also, I am sure there will be the times we are scrapping but I want to commit to putting something away, even if it is only 5 dollars. This way (hopefully) all our big dreams will eventually come true.

5. Enjoy the little moments- This is for sure going to be a year of change. I want to enjoy every little piece of this year. I want to take nothing for granted, hold tight to every beautiful thing we do or see this year.

6. Blog DIY wedding edition- I really want to do this! I want to help any other DIY brides out there by sharing some of my secrets or helping make their day a little easier. I cannot wait to get this started, my journal is overflowing with ideas.

7. Etsy!- my Etsy needs to get back up and running. I have been saying this forever now, but really someone hold me accountable to it.

8. Remind people I love them often- I will be honest, I am surrounded my the most supportive, amazing group of humans. I consider myself terribly lucky, yet I feel that I do not always let them know how truly wonderful they are. I plan to do that this year.

9. Minimize stuff- I'm working on prepping to move into a new life. Which means everything I have owned or collected in the last twenty-three years needs to be sorted and ready to be combined with another persons life stuff. It should be interesting for sure!

10. Don't drive Greg crazy- You may laugh, but seriously. With wedding planning, business building, and getting ready for a future life. It is easiest to take stress, concern, panic, or any other range of emotion out on the one I love most. He is my best friend, and I want to enjoy this year together, instead of driving him nuts.

So there you have it. Please feel free to remind me of this list in mid-july if I seem to be losing sight of anything. :)
What are you working on this year? I highly suggest writing down any goals you may have, something about seeing it in print makes you feel more committed to it.
xo j

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