Thursday, January 12, 2012

"The outdoors is really big"

I feel like I am making big wedding strides this week! This of course is due to friends who certainly aren't scared to push me or hold me accountable to my goals.

Yesterday was probably the best/worst wedding day ever. I went to try on a few more dresses and had the absolute worst experience. And with me almost in tears and blotchy from anxiety my girlfriends said its time to go.
We went to Liz's parents house which is probably one of my favorite places to rest and recollect myself.
We walked in to cups and saucers all set up, and little feet scurrying around the kitchen to get things all ready for us. Tea and coffee were being made, and mama greeted us with big (much needed) hugs.
I seriously need this creamer. It is so sweet.
When I saw everything all set up, the sun beaming in from their sliding glass doors, and the kids looking ridiculously cute (as usual) I was SO angry I did not have my camera.
On the good side of the day, yesterday was the first day I ever sat down with anyone and talked about my weddding outloud. Crazy right? I have been engaged four months now and this was just long overdue. We made lost of lists. We talked about what can get done now. We talked about who is doing what. And lastly, I got some wisdom and hard love from Mama Babiuk.
She always has good things to say.

Liz's little sister Laura painted this picture. It was hanging on the refrigerator and I could have melted when I saw it. I felt myself smile and breathe. This picture alone is the absolute reason I love kids so much more than big people, they just get it.

Here's to feeling more confident,
xo j

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