Saturday, January 14, 2012

so I'm retuning to my gladness.

Good Morning!
We are headed off to one of our favorite littles birthday party this snowy Saturday morning but I thought I would stop and share something quick.
My lovely friend Bethany is currently doing a series on her blog called "I love you so", which is a collection photos of some of her dearest friends.
She asked to take my picture yesterday which I of course agreed to even though I get semi awkward when she does. She is always very good at picking me during a shoot and making me laugh about it.
I really love these though, because they truly feel like me.
You can view the whole post on her blog Peach Plumb Pear. My honest favorite part is the list of things she knows/loves about each of her friends. I learn something about each person in her life and for mine it just feels good to be reminded I have people that know me so well.
You can view all the other parts to her newest series here:

Beth also helped me with a DIY for the blog yesterday which we both had a good laugh about. I'll explain more when I share it with you:)
Off to eat some cake with teddy bears,
xo j

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