Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thread at Home.

On Saturday, Greg and I were thankful to be invited to a special party at Thread.

They have been working on a really awesome project and invited some of us down for the unveiling...
That's right. Thread has now come out with a catalog.
What does this mean?
Well it means you can order unique, quality, handmade goods, right from your very own home.
And don't be greedy! You can also have Thread parties!
Ya know, like our mamas used to have with tupperware.

The photos are truly stunning. It is amazing to hold something in your hand like that. You can feel all the love, support, and teamwork it contains.
It was a wonderful night of chatting and sharing and being proud of so many people I think so highly of. And it always makes my heart happy to see some of the people I love be do not see quite enough of.

It was a fabulous evening and I am ever so grateful to be apart of such an inspiring community of people.
support handmade, buy local,
xo j

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  1. Great Stuff! How do you get connected to have thread look at you items toconsider for sale?