Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY: Cake Pops

Happy Valentines Eve!
It wouldn't be Valentines Day without something sweet!
Where I nanny we have a special rule that on our birthdays and holidays, we can eat cake or some kind of sweet for breakfast. We love this tradition and I thought for Valentines Day this year I would make them something extra special that we can all enjoy together!
These little cake pops are delicious and easier than people think to make, and most of all they are truly FUN!
1. box cake mix 2. tub of frosting 3. lollipop sticks 4. candy wafers 5. sprinkles
1. Bake your cake and allow it to cool.
2. Break up your cake and add your icing, yup the entire tub. If you make homemade you would want 1.5- 2 cups.
3. Mix it up, I just used a rubber spatula, its melds together fairly easily.
4. (With washed hands) start taking your batter/icing combo and molding into small meatball sized pops. When you're done stick in the freezer for anywhere from 30 minutes- an hour.
5. Melt your wafers using a double boiler. Take your pops out of the freezer. I found it is easier to dip your sticks in the chocolate then let them set a few seconds before you dip the whole pop.
6. Make sure you set them on wax paper to harden because they will peel off much easier. Add your sprinkles and ENJOY!
Hope you have an excellent day tomorrow and I hope very much these little DIYs inspired you a bit or you at least enjoyed reading them.
Remember embrace the card company holiday and just remind people THEY ARE LOVED!
xoxo j

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