Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY: Heart Sweater

I cannot believe it we are less than a week away from my favorrrriteee holiday!
I will not go on a major rant this year as I did last year, instead I am choosing to just overwhelm and overload you with as many vanentine-y DIYs as I can cram in the next few days!
So lets get going... three... two... one...
Need something cute to wear on Valentines Day but your bank account isn't looking like you can swing it? Here is a super easy way to give something you already have a festive second life without breaking the bank!
1. an old sweater or fitted long sleeve 2. piece of felt (or left over scraps) 3. scissors 4. embroidery floss 5. needle 6. pins (optional)
1. Cut hearts out from your pieces of felt. The size and number of hearts is totally up to you! feel free to play with size and color that will look best on the garment you chose.
2. Position hearts on shirt in desired pattern. You might realize you need more or less hearts to fulfill your design, theres no right or wrong for this project.
small tip! if you get the hearts perfect and do not want to risk losing your design feel free to pin the hearts in place.
3. Take your embroidery floss and thread your needle, dont forget to knot the end! start stitching around the outside of the heart.
4. Enjoy! Support the season of love and look lovely doing it!
Many more projects coming in anticipation of Happy Hearts Day.
Hope you're having a wonderful evening,
xo j

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