Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY:Date Book

Happy Valentines Day!
Well, it may not really be Valentines Day yet, but Greg and I are celebrating early seeing that we will not actually see each other on Tuesday.
We generally hand make all our gifts anyway but we have been fairly adamant about that this year seeing that we are planning a wedding.
And, you are in luck cause not only did I turn my gift into a DIY but seeing that we celebrated early, you still have time to make it for someone special in you life before the big day:)
Greg and I only see each other on the weekends. This means we have two days a week to cram in wedding plans, job hunting, apartment hunting, catching up with friends, catching up on sleep, helping out friends, homework, laundry, and anything else you can think of.
Thankfully, we are those people that honestly just love to be together. We are not usually bothered by our busy weekend schedule but I do think it is important that we set aside time for us. We are really bad making time for actual us dates, so I thought this would be a cute way to help us do it.
1.cardstock (any color) 2. hole punch 3. binder rings 4. tags
5. anything pretty you would like to use to embellish
1. Write out all your dates. This part is really special because it has to be totally you guys.
Do not write things you will hate doing because you will be miserable when the time comes. Write things you love doing together.
2. Cut your cardtstock in half.
3. Hole punch each page, if you're using a single punch like me, make sure they all line up.
4. Cut pockets and adhere to the back and front of each page. I made sure the tags would just fit enough that you would not be able to read each date, so when we pick it will be a surprise:)
5. Add your binder rings
6. Embellish! this is the fun part! start adding all the little details, this will really help it start coming together.
EEP! I love adding the little bits and pieces!
And there you have it! A super cute date book to enjoy together! I told Greg he cannot peak at dates, I think it will be more fun that way. Whenever we have a planned "date night" he can pick the page and we will do whatever the tag says, I cannot wait!
Hope all your projects are coming together, only two days left!
xoxo j

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  1. i seriously love all of the valentines diy projects you've posted lately. if only i had enough time tonight to do all of them.
    maybe next year...