Monday, February 20, 2012

late night craft date.

Our little "fam" usually gets together every weekend. One night a week that we use to just unwind, catch up, watch movies, eat food, drink coffee, or play games together.

Well more times than not lately, the uber nerdy boys in this family, decide to play some "boy" game or video game that us ladies are clearly not invited to join. This generally leads us to watch musicals, have girlie sister chats or just talk about how annoying it is that we have been excluded.
They reached new nerdy heights this week when they decided not only to play their silly card game, but watch Star Wars while they played it.
Lizzie and I simply could not handle it.
While we were sitting in my space looking around, I looked at her and said, "I have everything we could possibly need to make anything you want, what can we craft?"
Our impromptu craft night had begun, and I was oh so happy.
We decided to make little pocket journals and I cherished every moment of it.
I swear crafting with someone is always so healing for me. I love to sit in the quiet yet, both be using our imaginations to create something new. I also really love seeing how other people use my materials. Some of these things I have been saving (coughhoarding) forever and I love to see the unique ways other people see fit for them.
I loved having no agenda and nothing that needed to be done. It is really important for me, I think, to keep doing things for enjoyment and not always with a purpose intended.
I really could not have asked to spend my night a better way.
This weekend in entirety was exceptional and reminded me to be so thankful for the people to contribute to my life. I am influenced and inspired everyday.
xoxo j

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