Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Le wedding// DIY: Glitter Tape

Last week was one of the greatest weeks, hence my lack of updating.
So to be back in your good graces I thought I would start my blogging week with my very first Le Wedding post. Here goes nothing..
I am going to be honest, I LOVE glitter. You may be thinking it doesn't really seem like my thing and to be perfectly honest, you're right. But there is just something magical about it that automatically makes you feel slightly like a fairy princess.
This is an easy peasy way to dress up any of your wedding details, programs, place settings, thank you cards.
Just have fun with it:)

1. scissors 2. double sided tape 3. glitter

[just so you know] I highly suggest getting double sided scrapbooking or poster tape that has backing on one side. Otherwise things will be a bit messier. If you get standard double sided tape you will have to adhere it to your project then put glitter on the entire thing to be able to preserve one sides sticky-ness. This way you can make the glitter tape and use it now, or save it for later!

1. pour some of your glitter into a dish

2. cut your tape

3. put your tape face down in the glitter until the strip is completely covered.

4. peel, stick, enjoy!

cut your tape in various ways to get different looks!

There you have it! so many lovely things to catch you up on but for now I am off to my Maid of Honors to finish up my save the dates! Yippie! Be back later with a just for smiles Piggy post!
xoxo j

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  1. I love this!!! I always make such a mess when I play with glitter... I can't wait to try this :)