Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Newness, Newness, Newness

Yup, we're up and running.
You can now visit us at
Can you even believe it? Only two years or so of promising. We will be adding more product throughout the week, we just had to get it up and started. Here's to a new chapter whatever it brings, I am certain we will learn a lot. And as always no matter what, I am glad we are learning together. 
Thank you for all your love and support to us over the past few years, we could not have done it without any of you.
from my thankful-filled-blessed-and-happy heart,
xo j

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a piggy post

I know you have been DYING to know what the Piggys are doing, or you might just realllly need a smile today. Either way heres a few weeks that passed that I never shared. Another view into the life of two weird lovebirds:)

Greg bought me a gift and he said the Piggys were upset I didnt show them what it was.
 Sometimes Piggys just need a little help too.
 I laughed so hard when I came home and saw this one.
 Sharing the viewfinder, precious.
I just love them and Greg for always setting them up silly. It seriously helps the sting of him leaving each Monday. The countdown is going until we are never apart, yippie!!
All for now but we have been working on exciting things the past few days. Cannot wait to fill you all in!
xoxo j

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Le Wedding//Save the Date

Here it is, the very first official piece of mail we sent out. With the very real date on it in which I will become a married lady. EK EK!
I love the entire outcome. As long as I can remember I wanted to use this quote from one of my favorite childhood stories. It was an idea I drew up that Greg revamped and made real. That my beautiful friends sat around a table all night to help me create.
Do not be fooled. This is scanned in, we sat and hand stamped those banners with stamps I cut out on erasers, cut out the pictures to size ourselves and adhered them with a variety of pretty tapes.
And as time consuming as it may seem to most those are the reasons I am a DIY Bride. Not only do I stand by and live a handmade lifestyle because its what I love, but the memories made when you are all together are something I will take away from this wedding process more than anything. The boys basically going blind from trying to cut perfect lines, Lizzie getting tape happy with the pretty tapes, and Maria and I finishing all the stamping while watching The Babysitters Club.

It was a lovely day when Greg and I finished addressing and sealing all the envelopes so he strapped on a backpack and we rode our bikes up to the post office. We got in line behind the cars and when it was our turn I gleefully unzipped his pack and put all the envelopes into the drop boxes. We couldn't stop smiling on  the ride home because it was feeling real. We were really getting married in a few months and all these lovely people were really coming to be apart of it.

Here is to the next few months and all that they will bring.
Happy Sunday,
xo j

Friday, April 20, 2012

I wish.

Last month one of my happy musical dreams came true.
My brother, Kyle, bought us all tickets to go see Eisley in Niagara Falls for my birthday!
I have been waiting for this moment for many many years.
These ladies continually keep me inspired with their lovely harmonies, whimsical lyrics and the beautiful bearing of their souls.
I even took a video to share with you... (Brian this was for you!)

EISLEY, I Wish.  Live in Niagara Falls. from jess allyn on Vimeo.

Ya, I know.
It was a really perfect night. And they have done it again, whether I am listening to them in the compactness of my room, or seeing them right in front of me, they do not fail to leave me feeling very inspired and energized to make something beautiful.
xoxo j

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sew sweet.

Recently, my favorite part of the week comes at the end when I go to one of my favorite houses and give this little lovie sewing lessons.
I forget how very much I love teaching littles in any regard, it really helps me to feel myself.
And this one in particular is a truly inspiring being.
I love watching her skills grow and her take bigger risks than I ever would. Its part of being a kid that I really really miss, the fear of failure is so small that you actually take chances.
Laura isn't scared of wasting fabric cause it costs money, she isn't scared it will take too much time, and she isn't scared of not having a perfectly symmetrical patterns. Laura just creates because she is inspired which leads her to make the most beautiful things I've ever seen a young person make.
She is always teaching me more than I ever really feel like I am teaching her.
I have so much love for this little one.
Things are looking brighter. Everyday.
xo j

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're still here.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful holiday and resonating in all it means for us.
Sorry it has been so quiet around here, I have just been in a little rut. Slowly but surely I am climbing out, rekindling inspiration and feeling more myself again.
I have so many things that have been piling up that I am dying to share with you.
I hope I haven't lost you all yet, I promise to meet you here this week.
xoxo j