Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a piggy post

I know you have been DYING to know what the Piggys are doing, or you might just realllly need a smile today. Either way heres a few weeks that passed that I never shared. Another view into the life of two weird lovebirds:)

Greg bought me a gift and he said the Piggys were upset I didnt show them what it was.
 Sometimes Piggys just need a little help too.
 I laughed so hard when I came home and saw this one.
 Sharing the viewfinder, precious.
I just love them and Greg for always setting them up silly. It seriously helps the sting of him leaving each Monday. The countdown is going until we are never apart, yippie!!
All for now but we have been working on exciting things the past few days. Cannot wait to fill you all in!
xoxo j

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