Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sew sweet.

Recently, my favorite part of the week comes at the end when I go to one of my favorite houses and give this little lovie sewing lessons.
I forget how very much I love teaching littles in any regard, it really helps me to feel myself.
And this one in particular is a truly inspiring being.
I love watching her skills grow and her take bigger risks than I ever would. Its part of being a kid that I really really miss, the fear of failure is so small that you actually take chances.
Laura isn't scared of wasting fabric cause it costs money, she isn't scared it will take too much time, and she isn't scared of not having a perfectly symmetrical patterns. Laura just creates because she is inspired which leads her to make the most beautiful things I've ever seen a young person make.
She is always teaching me more than I ever really feel like I am teaching her.
I have so much love for this little one.
Things are looking brighter. Everyday.
xo j

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