Thursday, May 10, 2012

things lately.

I do not know why I cannot get back in my blog rhythm. It feels so strange and quite honestly, sucks. 
Do you ever have off weeks? Or even months? Where you feel like you cannot get back into the swing of life. Thats where I am, I have been told it sometimes happens when you're planning a wedding, that you feel sort of zapped creatively. My mind is just always full of so many life things recently that not only do I not sleep at night, but the thought of cultivating something to share seems near impossible. 
 But I am going to keep pressing on, because lets be honest I have been committed to this silly internet nook for quite some time now and a little case of the crazy get the best of me.
So here's a little glimpse of things I have been enjoying lately, things that keep my sanity and keep my brain from completely exploding.

used book sales.
making homemade doughnuts with my nanny kids. SO delish.
 Day dates with Lizzy are always a most excellent way to spend my time, love her.
I had the privilege of making boutonnieres for a dear friends wedding.
 I think in my head if I keep drinking iced passion tea lemonades summer will come sooner.
 Craft dates with lovely Lisa

 Organizing my fabric is always the hardest and the happiest. Getting rid of things is always pretty hard for me but seeing everything nice and neat after always makes me giddy. Plus always happy I can pass some of my unneeded fabric off to my little Laura love now that she sews:)
So many garage sales with my girl.
Thankful for these things, these people. No matter how insane things seem to be getting I am trying to remember to be slow and enjoy every little aspect of this season. I know how quickly it will come and go.
Keep Breathing.
xo j

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