Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm busy as a bee no sleep for me.

Sorry it has been so quiet around here this week, most of my days have looked something like this:
Yes, that creative explosion can only mean we have a show this week. So on top of making my fingers bleed to bring you handmade goodness, Greg is back in town and we are full force in wedding planning mode. Oh so many happy things.
Anyway, if you're free this weekend you should stop in and see us!
There are going to be LOTS of lovely people there and more pretty things than you can handle. Its a win win because its right at the public market so you can pick up your fruits and veggies and enjoy everyones work, yay!

Ok well as per usual I have things left to do so back to the sewing machine for me! Hope you can make it out!
xoxo j

PS! we are going to have a super special little guest at our table with us:) its her very first show so come see what she has been working on!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

All together now.

I realized some of you only read my blog and do not follow me on other social media spaces so I figured I should let you know this happened a few months ago..

YES, HE'S HOME! my little brother is in the states, just got a new apartment, and is planning his future with my lovely sister-in-law to be:) I am so excited for him/them and this new season ahead.
For Easter this year it was the first time we were all together again so we had a little family photoshoot so we could update our family picture. (We have two new additions this year, ya know!)
So here is my silly family and to my sister-in-law I am sorry I take forever to post everything.

Always incredibly grateful for this growing family, one thing that never runs dry is love.
xoxo j

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Le Wedding// showered with love.

“However many years she lived, Mary always felt that 'she should never forget that first morning when her garden began to grow'.”

Today is my bridal shower and I chose it to be themed after the Secret Garden. 
That was all I chose though, I have had to give up all my control (which has been killing me) and let the beautiful ladies in my life create something for me. 
I have no idea what magical world awaits me, but I can tell you that my insides are stirring with excitement.
to all the beautiful people in my life, thank you ahead of time, Greg and I are so truly blessed.
off to the garden,
xo j

Friday, June 15, 2012

Le Wedding// DIY:Floral Crown

 Happy Friday Everyone!
So remember last summer when I made this..
Well I had promised to give a DIY on how to make one of your own but never did, oopps.
But better now anyway because it totally fits in the Le Wedding series:) Ready to reveal your inner flower child?
I think, yes!
This happened to work out perfectly seeing that I was making a new one for my bridal shower this coming weekend. I think these could work on so many occasions. Lets be honest I wear my in everyday life, but flower girls, bridesmaids or even a simple one for a bride would be lovely!
1. floral wire 2. hot glue gun 3. ribbon 4. silk flowers 5. scissors
1. cut a few strands of wire the length of your head from one ear to the other. The number of stands you use will influence the thickness of our "band". I used three which is a good number to make 
2. super easy step, just take the wires and twist them together. Once they are intertwined it will be much easier to continue.
3. start with a big glob of hot glue on the end of your wire, begin twisting your ribbon around. As you move around the headband work in sections. If you put the glue too far ahead it will harden before you get the ribbon wrapped. also note: before you start make sure there is enough extra ribbon hanging for you to tie around your head. 
4. this is the fun part. Start arranging your flowers on your headband. You will nee big globs of glue to make the secure. This part is all preference, how full you want your crown to look is completely up to you. 
This part takes the most time. Be slow. You have to really hold things in place for them to stick. It might not look the way you want right away, be patient in building it up. Just to put your mind at ease the inside of your crown will look like a mess the ends of flowers and hot glue globs, don't worry, it will be on your head no one will see.

 5. Enjoy! when you finish your flowers you're ready to go. This little crown is sure to make any girl feel extra fancy.
Oh how being a little hippie runs deep within my veins.
I hope you absolutely love making these and find so much joy in wearing them, they always make me smile.
Right now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my love and dear friends. eeeeeeeeeee 
 xoxo j

Thursday, June 14, 2012

staying sane.

This week was a very up and down sort of week.
You may be thinking to yourself, "heck, its only Thursday",
And that is exactly my point. 
My emotions are running high as of late.
So tonight I will go to sleep and start over tomorrow.
From along my way these last few days..

goodnight dear friends.
xo j

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Le Wedding// DIY: Burlap Silverware Holder

More wedding DIYs! I love to share them because they are keeping me inspired and excited for everything I have to make in these last coming months before my own wedding! So without further delay..
These little cuties are sure to fancy up any table setting. They are so simple to make and add that nice little touch of handmade without much cost.
1. Burlap 2. Glue 3. Felt 4. Needle 5. Embroidery Floss 6. Paper Clips 7. Any other embellishments you may want to use
1. Measure out how the burlap. This will be based on the size of your silverware, how many utensils you want in the pocket, and how high you want the pocket to go.
2. Cut burlap accordingly. Be sure to save all your extra to make multiples.
3. Cut out felt. I picked a heart shape but you can really do whatever you like.
4. Take your needle and embroidery floss and stitch around the outside of your shape.
5. Time to glue! All you need is one thin line of glue down each side. I had tacky glue on hand but you can really use anything, different glues just say may have different drying times.
6. After you glue pin down the sides until the glue sets. I think this would work best paper clips but all I had near was sewing pins.
7. ENJOY! I love the turn out. I think these would be so cute at a bridal shower! They would also be awesome to reuse for family picnics or even packed lunches. Use different things to decorate your pockets, buttons, lace, anything! I think they would look adorable all varied.
To all those doing a DIY wedding or have done them in the past, my heart is with you. As much as I truly love it and know I will never regret how much I actually did for my own wedding, it does not mean that I do not have days where I wonder "what the heck was I thinking?.
Just keep breathing right?
more tomorrow
xoxo j