Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY: infused waters

This is probably the easiest and most refreshing DIY's I'm sure I'll ever share on the blog.
I know to most water is, well water, and some floating fruit may not make any difference to you. But, if you are like me and only drink water, it is nice to have a little variety in flavor from time to time.

You need this stuff:
1. fruit 2. herbs 3. pitcher 4. fork 5. straws
1. cut up your fruit and herbs.
We decided to make lemon mint water and strawberry basil water. YUM!
2. Fill your pitchers up with water and mix in your goods. As soon as you drop in the fruit you will see the water slightly change in color.
3. Now you need to get some of the juice out of your fruit. We used a fork and squished the strawberries on the side of the pitcher and we squeezed one of the lemon slices in the water. You do not need to go crazy with this no mashing or anything. The longer the fruit sits in the water the stronger the taste will be.
4. Drink up! I put straws in "stuff you need" because lets be honest who doesn't want to drink out of  straw!
I love hearing from you! When we posted this on insta some of you shared your favorite infused waters
cucumber lemon and strawberry pineapple
sounds delish. 
Cannot wait to use all of these this summer!
Hope this yummy DIY rejuvenates you, and may you be inspired by the sunshine! 
xo j

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