Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm busy as a bee no sleep for me.

Sorry it has been so quiet around here this week, most of my days have looked something like this:
Yes, that creative explosion can only mean we have a show this week. So on top of making my fingers bleed to bring you handmade goodness, Greg is back in town and we are full force in wedding planning mode. Oh so many happy things.
Anyway, if you're free this weekend you should stop in and see us!
There are going to be LOTS of lovely people there and more pretty things than you can handle. Its a win win because its right at the public market so you can pick up your fruits and veggies and enjoy everyones work, yay!

Ok well as per usual I have things left to do so back to the sewing machine for me! Hope you can make it out!
xoxo j

PS! we are going to have a super special little guest at our table with us:) its her very first show so come see what she has been working on!

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