Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Le Wedding// DIY: Burlap Silverware Holder

More wedding DIYs! I love to share them because they are keeping me inspired and excited for everything I have to make in these last coming months before my own wedding! So without further delay..
These little cuties are sure to fancy up any table setting. They are so simple to make and add that nice little touch of handmade without much cost.
1. Burlap 2. Glue 3. Felt 4. Needle 5. Embroidery Floss 6. Paper Clips 7. Any other embellishments you may want to use
1. Measure out how the burlap. This will be based on the size of your silverware, how many utensils you want in the pocket, and how high you want the pocket to go.
2. Cut burlap accordingly. Be sure to save all your extra to make multiples.
3. Cut out felt. I picked a heart shape but you can really do whatever you like.
4. Take your needle and embroidery floss and stitch around the outside of your shape.
5. Time to glue! All you need is one thin line of glue down each side. I had tacky glue on hand but you can really use anything, different glues just say may have different drying times.
6. After you glue pin down the sides until the glue sets. I think this would work best paper clips but all I had near was sewing pins.
7. ENJOY! I love the turn out. I think these would be so cute at a bridal shower! They would also be awesome to reuse for family picnics or even packed lunches. Use different things to decorate your pockets, buttons, lace, anything! I think they would look adorable all varied.
To all those doing a DIY wedding or have done them in the past, my heart is with you. As much as I truly love it and know I will never regret how much I actually did for my own wedding, it does not mean that I do not have days where I wonder "what the heck was I thinking?.
Just keep breathing right?
more tomorrow
xoxo j


  1. with one month to go, i'm definitely having a few "what was i thinking?" moments. but it'll be worth it :) these are adorable!

  2. Hi, How did you get the burlap to stop shedding. I am trying to make these for my wedding but I am worried that they will make a huge mess on my table.