Monday, June 4, 2012

Le Wedding//Let the season begin!

We traveled to Jersey last weekend to take part in a very special celebration!
Our dear friends Dennis and Presley tied the knot which began this crazy wedding season.
 The ceremony was completely beautiful. They were both beaming as they looked at one another, filling the entire room with massive amounts of love.
They transformed Presley's backyard into an enchantingly beautiful reception, where we all watched as two best friends celebrated their devotion to each other.

The rest of us celebrated with lots of laughs, pie, and dancing the night away in their honor:)

It was a truly fantastic evening, I couldn't have felt more privileged to be able to witness something so wonderful.
Here's to Dennis and Presley, I pray you grow together in every season of life, and your love only become greater with time.

More soon,
xo j

ps thanks to anyone I stole iphone photos from:) I was too short to get all those lovely shots!

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  1. so sweet. looks like you kids had tons of fun dancing the night away :)