Thursday, June 7, 2012

yellow button love.

Recently, when in Jersey we had a whirlwind of beautiful times. Celebrating weddings, exploring new places, laughing with friends (who are really our family ),loads of other happy things.
But this time I got to do one of my favorite things I haven't had the chance to do for awhile, I got to have a daydate with my dearest Linney.

From the moment Lin and I met we one thing that has always come natural to us is conversation. We can talk for hours about everything and about nothing. 
So we talked about being inspired, staying inspired. How to get back on your feet when you've been in a creative rut. I love talking about these things because our crafts are so different. She is a baker, me a crafter, but there is so much overlap in making beautiful things in any sense. So we decided to start our day by getting our game faces on and returning to our poor neglected blogs. She baked this and I made a DIY (that I will share with you tomorrow).
Lemon cake with black tea icing -insert mouth water here-

After we ventured out to have lunch at my favorite little mexican place, get chai, and stop at every darling farm stand along the way.

It was a super wonderful day. We came home enjoying Lin's cake and some infused waters. 
Then filled the evening with the rest of our friends and lots of ribbon:)

Forever thankful for this family of people we have all over the place. Thankful that distance and time have no effect on love when people are really care about each other.
xo j

ps you should head over to Lindsey's blog and be inspired to make something delicious. 

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