Monday, July 30, 2012

moving on out.

We're still here! I am beyond behind on posting and DIYs but life is happening faster than I can possibly run. We started another really exciting adventure this weekend... moving into our first apartment!!!!!
I'm not sure how I can feel so many conflicting emotions at once, but I do. I am elated beyond belief but every time we go over to drop things off or clean things out I just keep saying (out loud),"holy crap, I live here".

I cannot wait to make this place a home. I am such a nook and cranny person. I love to make every little inch of a space feel special, if you've ever seen my current space you would truly understand. It is going to take me some time, combing two peoples likes, inspiration,and comfort it is going to be quite the task but I am completely up for the challenge.
Dismantling my current home is a something I have yet to confront. I moved in when I was sixteen and have built myself a magical escape where I feel both inspired and safe. I haven't ever had to let someone else into my world, but if it had to be anyone I am so thankful it is Greg.
I will try to keep you updated and fill you in on all the beautiful goings on as of late.
xoxo j

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