Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY: Leaf Garland

Happy Monday!
Well, I hope yours was happy anyway. Mine had a damper of the Monday Blues but I figured what else better to help fix that but a happy fall DIY? Right?!
This is my favorite kind of DIY.. simple.. uses up scraps... and no mess so you can do it while you veg on the couch after a long day and watch your favorite program:)
1.felt scraps 2. embroidery floss 3. needle 4.scissors
1. Cut out your leaves. Greg and I had fun with this I asked him to help and cut whatever shapes he wanted so it would be more of a random combo. I like it I think it helps give them that 'freshly picked' look!

2. Take your needle and embroidery floss. Tie and knot in one end and just start stitching up the center of your leaves to connect them.

3. Hang and enjoy!
We are having so much fun collecting and making things to make our new little home feel festive. With the weather getting chilly again and were forced to spend more afternoons inside I feel more DIY's to emerge in the near future:)
So much to catch up on in  my blog life, so little time. *sigh*
xoxo j 

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