Monday, October 1, 2012

one month.

Today marks one month of being married to my best friend.
One whole month of:
Figuring out which side of the bed we like
Eating waffles
Kissing goodnight
Kissing good morning
Making lunches
Doing dishes
Laughing, so much laughing
Praying together
Setting up our home
Learning new things
Cooking together
Grocery shopping
Being inspired by each other
Problem solving
Being thankful

The first month down of our lifetime together.
I am so grateful for everyday I get to spend growing in our love and no matter what is to come I still feel like the luckiest girl to have Greg standing next to me.

xoxo j

ps this photo is by Kristin Rogers my super awesome photographer. You can see her blog post about us here and I will do a full post about her and our wedding photos soon!

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