Thursday, December 6, 2012


Did I ever tell you Kristin Rogers included our animals in a shoot she did for one of my favorite products?
Yup, Greg's sweetest handmade animals are in a spread Kristin did for BlaBla dolls, my most coveted children's toy.
I'm glad Greg's blocks are so greatly loved, he gets such joy out of making them 
You can see the rest of Kristin's photos for BlaBla here.
Hey, its almsot Friday!
xoxo j

ps. Greg is taking is currently taking custom orders for christmas, if you're interested feel free to contact him!

Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY: Advent Pocket Calendar

Hiii! I miss you guys! I do not know why I cannot quite get back into my blogging rhythm, I am just so invested in the current moment of life that I forget to visit with you here.
We have been so super busy I am now three days behind posting our this years advent!
Last year I made this DIY advent calendar, and this weekend I made a new one when my littles came over to play for the day.

We are loving decorating for our first christmas together. Our home already looks magical even though we dont have much thats truly deemed "christmas decor'. We are being inventive and creative and our home is filled with so much comfort and joy for the season.
If you want to make your own advent calendar Greggy made templates for you!
Just print these out, fold, and glue the flaps. Fill your pockets with goodies and special date nights and have fun counting down to christmas!

[click to enlarge]

More holiday happiness in the coming weeks.
xoxo j