Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well, if you have assumed I have given up on this dear old blog, I would probably say you're right.
I have not been able to get my groove back for the last year and I'm not quite sure why. I will have to ashamedly admit it is in part to instagram, which I know (and agree) is a cop-out. But, when I can upload one picture in four seconds and say what I need to about it, the need for a blog seems like an age old form of communicating ideas with people.
Still, I find myself missing it here. Whether one person reads or a bunch I liked documenting my life, my projects, and anything else I wanted to share with whoever happened upon this little space in the cyber world.
I have considered starting fresh. A new blog with a new name and a new focus. But if you know anything about me I am not good at change or forgetting where I've been.
So, I'm going to have another go at it but with a little help.
Greg is going to be helping me, writing, sharing some of his own DIYs, inspiration, and making some amazing printable happy things for people to enjoy. We're going to go at it as a team like everything else we do and see if it helps me move back into my happy place.

We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be inspired about:

 Oh yes. Our little bird will be here in march and we are beaming about it.

So here's to love and newness and life.
To fresh starts in familiar places.
And to people who hold our hands through it all.
xoxo jess

Monday, July 1, 2013

don't go without me.

Today is the first day of our last month in the place we have called home. 
I had this long emotion filled post I had written this morning but thats the beauty of backspace and blogs. I just need to push forward.
This is really hard for us. This is not a house, this is our home. And when I say our I mean the lovely ladies upfront and our nest. We have made a family in house built on trust and love and mutual care for each others well being. It will be extremely missed and irreplaceable. 

The short of the story is they sold the house we live in and only we have to move because the man is going to let his son live in our half. So we have 30 days to figure our new living situation out.
Now I know that might seem fine, but 30 days is barely enough time to digest the news.. we had to start looking and packing that night.

And although I have been crying (a lot) I do truly know we will be okay. 
Its just sometimes instead people telling us we'll be better off or "its happening for a reason" I just want people to let me cry and tell me it does really suck. 

It sucks we have to start over.
It sucks we lose our community.
It sucks we have to be brave.
It sucks my best friend is coming and the last time he was here my house was in boxes and now it will be in boxes again.
It sucks Avery will lose neighbors who love her so much.
It sucks this all brings up bad memories.
It sucks.

And even though this isn't my favorite, ya know... change. I know we will grow and learn and be stretched. I know Greg will hold my hand through it and even carry me when I feel like there is no possible way I can move forward. I know even if the last few months feel like a pit, I know love will win. I have to believe that or really what is the point?

growing up sucks sometimes. 
whoever lead me to believe my twenties were going to be easy is a fool.
thank goodness for awesome friends and a top notch husband ♥ 
xoxo j

Sunday, June 16, 2013


So I know I have been slacking at posting but I promise I am still taking the pictures. I opened my computer today and there was a recipe on the screen that I made over a week ago. That is how little I actually get on my computer. Any who here are some photos from the last week in may possibly the first week in june... I may have lost track a little. 

1. a beautiful mama
2. a beautiful baby
3. my handsome man
4. red
5. a community of littles
6. hideaway lunches
7. BLTs favoriteeee
8. pink lemonade, all summer
9. pretty dishes in the sun
10. hubby makes cutting boards
11. needed life reminders
12. one of my preschoolers gave me this, she said its me

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
xoxo j

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Husband Guest Post:)

Hi everyone! It's Greg Jess's husband. just wanted to share some summer-time photos i took, always have loved the beauty of plants and flowers. thanks for checking it out! hopefully more guest posts through the summer.

Friday, May 31, 2013


Another week and I am starting to wondering how the months are possibly flying by this quickly! It's warming up here and I love falling in love with our little home in each season. We moved in last year in the summer months so there's a small hint of nostalgia in the air. As our little apartment starts to feel like a greenhouse I am reminded of moving in when all we had was a mattress on the floor and homemade popsicles to eat. Oh summer, we're ready for you.

1. for my hungry man
2. the lights of my life
3. best cupcakes ever
4. milk in a bottle makes days happier
5. dino planter throwdown
6. my littles playing with toys my husband made
7. eating outside everrrryyydayyyy
8. sisters over for dinner
9. weeeenie
10. red
11. favorite
12. chocolate covered sunflower seeds (OHMYGLOB)
13. learning
14. lumpy spaceeeeee

xoxo, jess

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I feel like I have so many photos for last week because besides ending the week with the accident, it was really a wonderful joy filled week..

1. dinner in our backyard with the most lovely neighbors
2. nice weather means class outside
3. class outside still means bringing Legos
4. flowers from one of my littles
5. Lala's from a stand in big sister
6. a huge piece of my heart
7. my home away from home
8. dapper dunn
9. pure bliss
10. you hold beauty in the palm of your hand
11. the two loves of my life

Even if at times I feel like "what the heck am I going to take pictures of this week", I'm really enjoying this challenge. It encourages me to find the small beauties in each day instead of writing the day off as either "good" or "bad", I'm working hard!
Hope you have a wonderful week:)
xoxo j

Saturday, May 18, 2013

When life is hard, but love is real.

Sometime marriage is really magical. You feel on top of the world like you're actually working toward your dreams and aspirations.. then other times you feel like you can not possibly handle one more day of bad news. Sometimes you wonder if this is really your life and how your tear ducts can possibly keep producing liquid.
Because I want this to be real and try to be open here I am going to tell you what's been going on in our life.
Monday Greg and I were in a car accident. I was driving... Avery was in the car... and we were 10 minutes from home after a five hour drive home from Jersey.
I am more than happy to tell you we are all okay. I do not really want to go into it, just know we are all safe, but Greg's car is not.
Besides it being a completely traumatic experience in which I have relieved every night when I try to sleep, the next few days have been almost as horrible as the crash. Everyday has felt like getting an airbag to the face and we are just trying to figure it all out.

Getting another car is not in the current plan to say the least. Being newly married generally means you're at a pretty consistent state of broke, so my heart hasn't wanted to accept what I knew was probably coming next.
Greg and I have been saving to go on our honeymoon this summer. When we were planning our wedding we had SO much going on and SO many details we found ourselves saying things like "ugh I keep forgetting to look into honeymoon stuff" and we figured if that was the state our heart was in we should put off the honeymoon until we could give it the proper research and time.  So we have been saving since the wedding, dreaming and looking into where we really would love to go for our honeymoon and what we needed to do to get there.

It took all of 30 seconds for me to realize all our hard work and planning was over. That we would need to use all the money we had saved to buy a new car... my heart was crushed and I couldn't help but be five and cry and say it's just not fair.

So even though I'm sad I'm trying to keep moving. I keep being thankful our little family is safe and that we have each other. I'm thankful for a husband who can stay calm in a crisis. Who can see his car in pieces and just keep kissing me and telling me its okay. I'm thankful for friends like Maria who find out from someone passing us we were in an accident and immediately rush to the scene to get us and then let me call and cry and vent to her in the days after. Thankful for our family the Babiuks who take us out to movies to take our minds off everything, just a night of fun. Thankful for Kyle and Lizzie who know us well enough to know if we want to be alone it probably means we need people more than ever. And for all our friends and family who have been praying for us. We really love you all to the moon and back.

Sometimes life is really hard. Sometimes being a grown-up is really hard. But love and support are real. Community and family are real. And sometimes a good cry is just the medicine you need to get up the next day and try to move forward.

I do still have all my photos from last week... I will be back with them on a brighter note soon.
Thanks for letting me share.
xoxo j

Monday, May 6, 2013



1. dollies in disguise
2. best friend
3. snacks with love notes
4. flowers for mamas
5. jars full of magic wands
6. shopping date with little sisters
7. nom nom

This week was so rejuvenating. The sun was out for more than one day which helped us both mentally and productivity wise. Spring cleaning for both the home and heart.

We brought Avery to the market this weekend which was so ridiculously adorable we decided that family outings need to happen more often. Avery just cannot help but bring smiles everywhere she goes.
I have been chatting and dreaming with my sister-in-law recently which is good for my soul, I am lucky to have her.
We get to travel to Jersey this weekend to see our loves and witness a marriage for one of Greg's oldest friends, she's the loveliest. eeeeeeeee!

xoxo j