Saturday, January 12, 2013

To Minnesota, with love.

So I have this gem of a friend..
She moved far away and I miss her more than she will ever understand.
But when I get to see that she is being motivated and making beautiful things it inspires me on.
She started something new which is both encouraging and lovely. It is a helpful tool for all of you in your twenties figuring out how to feed yourselves on a dime... and if thats not you, look anyway because she takes the prettiest photos ever.

Stop in and take a peak:
The Twenty-Something's Table
So proud of my friends new adventures.
Enjoy the weekend!
xo j

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Little Pink Tree

I have had a particularly hard time letting go of Christmas this year.
I don't really know what it was but I have been completely emotional about dismantling our house. Maybe it was because the house was filled with lots of cheer and some of my favorite people. Or maybe it was just because this was a sentimental Christmas of firsts that I just didn't want to end. Either way I was not so cooperative while Greg disassembled the holiday spirit living in our home. I told him I was completely fine with putting everything away for the season, but every time he tried to pack something new away it sounded like this...
"Waitttt the lights too?"
"Those are "winter" decorations their not strictly Christmas."
"Aw no, not my banners :(."

This went on and on.
Then the house felt so empty.

I was telling my dear friend Kim about how
A few days later she brought me this...
A pink tree. She bought me a freaking pink tree. I was dying with glee and although I am not overly fond of the color pink, well, ever I was immedietly in love with this.
She suggested I have a Valentines Day Tree and let my holiday cheer stay awhile longer.
I really do have the greatest people around me.
Much to my surprise Greg doesn't completely detest our little love tree so I get to keep up:) (He is such a good sport.) Now I have been making some super cute valentine inspired decor to spruce it up.
So heres to possibly a new tradition, good friends, love, and a little pink in my life.
xoxo j

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lighting firecrackers out on the front lawn.

My dearest Blog,
It feels like an eternity, but honestly I have been consumed with life.
The truth is I haven't felt much like blogging, I haven't felt much like creating, I haven't really felt much like myself.
And I do not mean that in a sad sappy depressing way.
I just mean it in a growing new stage of life way. I'm learning how to balance all the new things on my plate. And even though they are all really great things they are still new and sometimes overwhelming.

I have really loved reading though my New Years resolutions from the past. (1.2.)
Some stuck, some attempted and some never touched, but all recorded.
One of the greatest parts that came with this changing year was being able to talk and dream with someone.
New Years day was spent in the passenger seat on our long drive home from Jersey. A ride that is usually filled with good music and naps was filled with accomplishments, hopes, and adventures we trying to fill the coming year with.

Go on our honeymoon- We did not go on a honeymoon after our wedding. This was for a variety of reasons. Partly because when planning a DIY wedding there is a point when you cannot process one more detail, you basically give up. We were running out of money in our wedding budget and I was getting stressed. If there is one thing I know planning your honeymoon should not feel like a burden, it should feel fun and exciting. The other part is because I'm crazy. I am OCD and dysfunctional and I'll admit it and the stress of all the planning then leaving right away was too much. I needed time, I wanted it to be perfect. We decided to put it off and we have been saving since.I just want to actually make sure we do it.

Explore our city- I have lived in Rochester my whole life and know tons of great places, but we moved to this cute little part of the city I don't know as well and Greg is new to Rochester all together. So we really want to learn our area and enjoy all it has to offer. We have cute shops and good eats in walking distance and want to take full advantage of all neat to us.

Invest in our family- This means so many things to us. We are just so excited to be our own little unit now, we want to keep talking and growing and becoming the best we can possibly be for one another. It was amazing to experience our first christmas so soon after being married. We were able to talk about and start some of our own traditions. I love to dream of how we will continue to grow together. Magic I tell you.

Rejuvenated Blog Love- I haven't really missed writing because I haven't had time to miss it. But some weird switch turned after the new year and I really wanted to blog all the things that have been collecting on my desktop. DIY projects, wedding hoopla, and just the beautiful memories of 2012. I am ready. With that comes pictures.

Take More Pictures-If you have met me anytime since the sixth grade you know I rarely go anywhere without my camera. I feel like I haven't taken many pictures at all as of late. I feel I'm one of the only ones left that doesn't solely depend on my phone as a camera and I want to hold on to that.

I'm sure we will add to this as we continue to talk about what we hope the year to bring. 2013.. It's gonna be good I an feel it.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, thanks always for your love, support and readership over the last few years.

xoxo jess