Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Little Pink Tree

I have had a particularly hard time letting go of Christmas this year.
I don't really know what it was but I have been completely emotional about dismantling our house. Maybe it was because the house was filled with lots of cheer and some of my favorite people. Or maybe it was just because this was a sentimental Christmas of firsts that I just didn't want to end. Either way I was not so cooperative while Greg disassembled the holiday spirit living in our home. I told him I was completely fine with putting everything away for the season, but every time he tried to pack something new away it sounded like this...
"Waitttt the lights too?"
"Those are "winter" decorations their not strictly Christmas."
"Aw no, not my banners :(."

This went on and on.
Then the house felt so empty.

I was telling my dear friend Kim about how
A few days later she brought me this...
A pink tree. She bought me a freaking pink tree. I was dying with glee and although I am not overly fond of the color pink, well, ever I was immedietly in love with this.
She suggested I have a Valentines Day Tree and let my holiday cheer stay awhile longer.
I really do have the greatest people around me.
Much to my surprise Greg doesn't completely detest our little love tree so I get to keep up:) (He is such a good sport.) Now I have been making some super cute valentine inspired decor to spruce it up.
So heres to possibly a new tradition, good friends, love, and a little pink in my life.
xoxo j

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