Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY: Tea for Two.

Valentines Day.
My very favorite holiday only 3 days away. How am I prepping and enjoying the day of love you may ask? Oh, well I am sick, in bed, and I cannot seem to shake it.
With all the tea I have been drinking I thought it finally a perfect time to tryout the whole sharpie mug deal, and guess what I loved it!
It is so fun and easy.. you have to give it a try.
I assume you can just get porcelain mugs from anywhere but if it matters I got mine at Target.
1. draw a pretty design
2. bake at 350 on a oven safe dish (like a cookie sheet) for 30-40 minutes
3. enjoy!! Be careful if it so easy and fun I found myself wanting to start drawing on all the plain mugs in my cupboard:)  oh and ps make sure you only gently hand wash the mug.

Hope you have lovely pink and heart shaped happiness planned for valentines day♥ 
xoxo j

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