Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Truth About Being A DIY Bride.

Six months later and I think I am finally ready to start sharing with you.
I am ready to let you in on all the secrets, all the things we learned, and everything you really need to know about planning a wedding yourself.

So you are thinking about being a Do It Yourself bride, well kudos to you. I can tell you truthfully that taking the time to make your wedding personal is one of the most rewarding things when looking back at your special day. I will also tell you it is one of the hardest endeavors you will ever take on.

Here are the basics:

Start early.
No matter how on top of things you might feel, the truth is you're not. I started so many projects MONTHS in advance and was still left the night before my wedding with a list full of things left to do. I was eventually told I had to pick 5 and let go of the rest. (thanks B)

Be Open.
When planning a wedding that may be slightly against the grain, expect challenges. You might have to tweak the picture in your head slightly to make your dream wedding everything you hoped. Things are likely not to go your way because what you're doing is not the "norm". I thought finding a dress would be a easy peasy because I was so specific but because my specific was not whats popular. There was only 1 or 2 dresses for me to try on and each bridal shop, thank goodness I had a Maid of Honor willing to hunt dresses down for me and drive all over to find them!

Let People Help.
Dear friends, I am sorry this took me so long to learn. Love, Jess
Your friends are not out to sabotage your wedding so let them help! I am the queen of independence and "I can just do it myself" but let me tell you something, you cant. The truth is this is a HUGE event that you cannot possible tackle alone. Let people in, delegate, trust people. I specifically can recall wanting to personally hang every ribbon and set every table myself. This wasn't realistic, I finally had to pass over my boxes of wedding magic to some sisters I trusted. I did not even see the end result until I was walking into my reception. Let me tell you they made my wedding into the whimsical place I had dreamed. Honestly, it most likely would not have even turned out as wonderful if I did it myself because I was so stressed I couldn't have cleared my mind enough to make it happen.

Have Fun.
I will not give you a false sense of reality, planning my wedding was really hard. I had so many things go wrong I could write you a book. But when I look back I also have crazy memories of last minute trips to Boston, hitting up every yard sale in a 50 mile radius, and late night craft sessions I really wouldn't have changed anything. I learned a lot about myself and the people I am surrounded by.

These are just my first thoughts. Throughout this season I will share some of our personal DIY projects and tidbits about how we did it, and how to survive.
But most importantly I just want to stress to you that it is only a day. Your marriage is the truly beautiful thing. When the flowers die, rentals go back, and the music quiets, your marriage will be the lasting thing. That is was you want to make sure you're taking the most time to invest in.

xoxo j

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