Monday, May 6, 2013



1. dollies in disguise
2. best friend
3. snacks with love notes
4. flowers for mamas
5. jars full of magic wands
6. shopping date with little sisters
7. nom nom

This week was so rejuvenating. The sun was out for more than one day which helped us both mentally and productivity wise. Spring cleaning for both the home and heart.

We brought Avery to the market this weekend which was so ridiculously adorable we decided that family outings need to happen more often. Avery just cannot help but bring smiles everywhere she goes.
I have been chatting and dreaming with my sister-in-law recently which is good for my soul, I am lucky to have her.
We get to travel to Jersey this weekend to see our loves and witness a marriage for one of Greg's oldest friends, she's the loveliest. eeeeeeeee!

xoxo j

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