Friday, May 31, 2013


Another week and I am starting to wondering how the months are possibly flying by this quickly! It's warming up here and I love falling in love with our little home in each season. We moved in last year in the summer months so there's a small hint of nostalgia in the air. As our little apartment starts to feel like a greenhouse I am reminded of moving in when all we had was a mattress on the floor and homemade popsicles to eat. Oh summer, we're ready for you.

1. for my hungry man
2. the lights of my life
3. best cupcakes ever
4. milk in a bottle makes days happier
5. dino planter throwdown
6. my littles playing with toys my husband made
7. eating outside everrrryyydayyyy
8. sisters over for dinner
9. weeeenie
10. red
11. favorite
12. chocolate covered sunflower seeds (OHMYGLOB)
13. learning
14. lumpy spaceeeeee

xoxo, jess

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