Monday, July 1, 2013

don't go without me.

Today is the first day of our last month in the place we have called home. 
I had this long emotion filled post I had written this morning but thats the beauty of backspace and blogs. I just need to push forward.
This is really hard for us. This is not a house, this is our home. And when I say our I mean the lovely ladies upfront and our nest. We have made a family in house built on trust and love and mutual care for each others well being. It will be extremely missed and irreplaceable. 

The short of the story is they sold the house we live in and only we have to move because the man is going to let his son live in our half. So we have 30 days to figure our new living situation out.
Now I know that might seem fine, but 30 days is barely enough time to digest the news.. we had to start looking and packing that night.

And although I have been crying (a lot) I do truly know we will be okay. 
Its just sometimes instead people telling us we'll be better off or "its happening for a reason" I just want people to let me cry and tell me it does really suck. 

It sucks we have to start over.
It sucks we lose our community.
It sucks we have to be brave.
It sucks my best friend is coming and the last time he was here my house was in boxes and now it will be in boxes again.
It sucks Avery will lose neighbors who love her so much.
It sucks this all brings up bad memories.
It sucks.

And even though this isn't my favorite, ya know... change. I know we will grow and learn and be stretched. I know Greg will hold my hand through it and even carry me when I feel like there is no possible way I can move forward. I know even if the last few months feel like a pit, I know love will win. I have to believe that or really what is the point?

growing up sucks sometimes. 
whoever lead me to believe my twenties were going to be easy is a fool.
thank goodness for awesome friends and a top notch husband ♥ 
xoxo j